Package cookxml.core.interfaces

Interface Summary
AddAction This action dictates how DecodeEngine should perform its addChild function.
Adder Adder is similar to setter, but without the attribute name.
CleanupHook This interface defines function objects which can be added to DecodeEngine
Converter Converters are used to convert a string (obtained from an attribute value) to the actual value needed by the setter.
ExceptionHandler This is the interface for handlers that deal with exceptions generated while CookXml is decoding XML.
Handler This interface is used for setting an attribute value to an object.
Helper This interface is intended to reduce the need to create custom Creator when it is necessary to use helper objects.
NoAdd This interface should be implemented by all objects that do not wish to be added to the parent object.
Setter This interface is used by all setters that handle request to set a value to the object.
SpecialCreator This interface is used for the rare occation when one wants to create an object not based on the element tag name, but other characteristics.
StringHook This interface is used to intercept the string values obtained in the xml document.
TagLibrary A tag library should contain creators, setters, adders, and converters.
VarLookup This is a general interface for getting/setting object variables