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The following converters are defined in CookSwing in addition to the ones in CookXml Common component.

Target Type Tag Notes
Color color It is the color pre-defined in java.awt.Color or in the following format: #rrggbb, where rr, gg, bb are in hexdecimal representation. The # sign is optional.
Cursor cursor It is the cursor names pre-defined in java.awt.Cursor without _CURSOR suffix.
Dimension dimension It can be in either width,height or widthxheight format. Thus either 640x480 or 640,480 would work.
Font font It is in name,style,size format. Name can be either a logical or a physical font name. Style can be plain, bold, italic or bold italic. Size is the point size in integer.
Icon icon It uses ClassLoader to find the resource and creates a corresponding ImageIcon.
Image image It first converts the string into an ImageIcon, then calls ImageIcon's getImage() function to obtain the image.
ImageIcon imageicon See Icon.
Insets insets It is in top,left,bottom,right format in integers.
KeyStroke keystroke See Sun's JavaDoc
Point point It is in x,y format in integer numbers.
Rectangle rectangle It is either in width,height or x,y,width,height format in integers.
Spring spring It is either in pref or min,pref,max in integers.

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