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Tag Description
base This tag is used to refer to the parent tag and parent object passed to xmlDecode call. It really should be used only as the root of the document, where such difficulty arises.
idref This tag is used to refer to an object created earlier by using the id name for the element. The constructor of this element needs to be the id name of the object which has already been processed, or in the id cache (which can be manipulated manually).
include This tag is used to include another XML document, an element in another XML document, or an element in the current XML document. Unlike idref which references the same object created earlier, this tag parses the element referenced (which may or may not have been processed) to create a new object. The constructor attribute of this element needs to be in "resource", "resource#id", or "#id" format, where resource refers to the xml document path that can be loaded using ClassLoader.
noadd This tag does exactly nothing. The purpose is to prevent the child objects to be added to the parent objects.
null This tag create a null reference, which can be used to set or add to parent explicitly. Normally, CookXml would discard null references, but this tag forces itself to be added to the parent. Use this tag when you want to explicitly add/set null values.
object This tag can be used either to reference an id object (same as idref, but with "id:" prefix), or a variable inside the variable object (same as varref, but with "var:" prefix), or to construct an arbitrary object that has a default constructor with the name of the class as the value for the constructor attribute of the element.
varref This tag is used to refer to an instance/class object inside the variable object. The constructor of this element needs to be the variable name.

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